Dramatic readings of short horror stories.

Grimm's Frightmares: Dramatic audio readings of real and user-submitted stories.

2.06: What's Behind the Shower Curtain?


An ethereal moan rattles a spooked teen as she hunts for the origin of this ghost voice in the bathroom pipes.

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Filetype: M4A - Size: 21.78MB - Duration: 23:32 m

2.05: The Creep


A skeptic gets more than he imagined possible when he joins a paranormal investigation team.

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Filetype: M4A - Size: 20.33MB - Duration: 11:14 m

204: It Smiled Back


We've all that had that feeling like we aren't alone, like someone - or something - is watching us. What do you do when you catch it in the act?

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Filetype: M4A - Size: 28.39MB - Duration: 15:46 m

2.03: Three Tales of Terror from Paranormal Amino


Grimm's Frightmares teams up with Paranormal Amino for three spooky stories!

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Filetype: M4A - Size: 18.15MB - Duration: 13:07 m

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